Hotels 100% focused on cycling enthusiasts

A new concept of hotels for cyclists. A unique experience on pedals.

New Bike Friendly Area

Now you can enjoy the areas specially designed for the cycling enthusiasts.

Hoteles para ciclistas

Globales, loyal to its philosophy of offering the best service to its customers, launches a new brand to complement the services in its hotels.

Globales Bike Friendly, will be the identifying brand within our hotels that will offer a series of services focused on lovers of professional cycling, amateur and touring cyclists. These hotels will have everything you need to make your cycling experience in our hotels unique.

We have taken into account each and every one of the needs of cycling enthusiasts.

  • Sports nutrition.
  • Spaces for the maintenance and cleaning of bicycles.
  • Spaces for relaxation.
  • Equipment rental services.
  • Information about routes.


Find the best cycling routes, near our hotels.

Todo lo que quieras comer y beber

Spaces for maintenance

We provide you with a space for you to carry out the basic maintenance of your bicycle. You will have at your disposal specialised tools to be able to clean and grease the chain, the joints of the brakes and systems of change, etc. as well as to check the vital parts of your bicycle.

La mejor animación para niños y adultos


In Globales Mimosa's new gym you can prepare your joints, tendons and muscles so that the session on the road is as successful as possible. We know the importance of taking care of legs, hips and glutes so that you can climb hills and admire the beauty of the Mallorcan landscape. Nature awaits you.

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Sportive nutrition

Cycling nutrition before cyclist start the first outing should focus on the intake of carbohydrates to increase glycogen reserves. Once back at the hotel, rehydration will be key, as well as a good protein intake so that muscle repair is adequate. Leave it in our hands.

Where are our bike friendly hotels?

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Mallorca - Palmanova
Globales Mimosa

The Globales Mimosa Hotel welcomes you to the beaches of Majorca and to one of the most popular and most valued destinations of the island, the tourist centre of Palmanova, Calvià.

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