Hotels in Muros de Nalón to enjoy with your family

Hotels near Muros de Nalón, Playa de las Llanas and the Ruta de los Miradores.

What to see in Muros de Nalón and surroundings?

The Globales Playa de las Llanas is one of the best hotels for sightseeing in the area and discovering the many places of interest that the area has to offer.

Its location is perfect for touring the coast of Asturias. A few minutes from the hotel are the beaches of Las Llanas, Cazonera and Aguilar, as well as the Route of the Viewpoints. It is also very close to San Esteban and the Nalón River. San Esteban was the first and only coal port in Spain, today you can still see the cranes and loading docks. A night visit is highly recommended to enjoy the beauty of the illuminated port.

Nearby is also the Mirador del Espíritu Santo, from where you can enjoy great views of Cabo de Vidio, the mouth of the Nalón River and the town of San Juan de La Arena.

Discover all what Muros de Nalón has to offer from our hotel Globales Playa de las Llanas. Book online at the best price, with no cancellation fees and with extra benefits for direct guests.

Hotels in Muros de Nalón

Asturias - Muros de Nalón
Globales Playa de Las Llanas

The Globales Castillo de Ayud is a three-star hotel located very close to the historic center of Calatayud and the Jalón River. It has two connected buildings, a modern building equipped with comfortable rooms, spa with jacuzzi and heated pool, gym and conference rooms, and a historic building known as the “Chalet de los Sánchez” which hosts superior rooms equivalent to 4-star hotel and one of the restaurants.

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Where are our hotels in Muros de Nalón?

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