Discover Zaragoza from the Globales Castillo de Ayud hotel. Equipped with all the amenities and located in an area of great tourist interest.

What to see in Zaragoza and surroundings?

Discover Zaragoza and its incredible surroundings with Globales. Near this city you will find the Globales Castillo de Ayud hotel, the ideal starting point to enjoy both Zaragoza and the countless tourist attractions that this beautiful area offers.

In Zaragoza you can enjoy places like the Basilica del Pilar, a must-see, and even more if you are lucky enough to visit the area during the famous Pilar festivities. In addition, the city offers numerous points of interest, such as the Aljafería Palace or the “Catedral del Salvador”. If you are traveling with children, they can enjoy the river aquarium or the amusement park.

In addition, from our hotel you can discover other wonders, such as the beautiful town of Calatayud, Anento, Biel, the Moncayo Natural Park, or Daroca.

If you need a hotel with facilities to hold meetings and events, do not hesitate to book with us. The Globales Castillo de Ayud has rooms with capacity for up to 180 people, and also has parking, restaurant, and gym. A hotel near Zaragoza with all these and the best Price.

Places of interest

  • Monasterio de Piedra.
  • Ayud Castle.
  • Basílica del Pilar.
  • River Aquarium.
  • Amusement Park.
  • Alfajería Palace.
  • Natural Park of Moncayo.

Pictures of Zaragoza

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Hotels in Zaragoza

Zaragoza - Calatayud
Globales Castillo de Ayud

The Globales Castillo de Ayud is a three-star hotel located very close to the historic center of Calatayud and the Jalón River. It has two connected buildings, a modern building equipped with comfortable rooms, gym and conference rooms, and a historic building known as the “Chalet de los Sánchez” which hosts superior rooms equivalent to 4-star hotel and one of the restaurants.

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